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Sybil discusses the research process for Into This World. Watch the book trailer here.

Listen to Sybil's reading from the Meacham Conference 2011. For updates, see the blog.

Into This World is available from Engine Books.

Interview with local NPR affiliate for Into This World "Best New Read."

Into This World was a finalist for ForeWord's Book of the Year Award and received Honorable Mention for the Eric Hoffer book award.

Sybil Baker is a startlingly good writer. The big cities and small villages of Korea feel alive on every page. And if you think there's nothing fresh to say about the fragility of family bonds, read INTO THIS WORLD. Only in the best-told stories, like this one, may we measure and forgive one another, and ourselves.
Nance Van Winckel, author of NO STARLING

Vivid writing compels us to make this journey through the streets and temples of Seoul. Baker’s fresh and graceful plotting fuels the reader’s hunger to know what will happen next to these sisters in a family and a country torn apart by the past.
Jane Bradley, author of YOU BELIEVERS

A story of one family's secret history glimpsed through the eyes of two estranged sisters; Allison, a troubled woman still grieving the loss of her unborn child, and Mina, a half-Korean expatriate in search of her shadowy past. Beautifully told, Sybil Baker weaves a lush, finely wrought tale of two daughters in search of love, two sisters in search of forgiveness in the middle of a foreign land.
Cathy Holton, author of SUMMER IN THE SOUTH

This fast-paced. dramatic story of a family secret that bonds and breaks them apart will keep readers turning the pages - Krys Lee, author of DRIFTING HOUSE

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